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May 2017 Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Thu, May 11, 2017 @ 12:05 PM

We found some inconsistencies between what was built in the Windows and iPad apps, including some incorrect versions of animations and info topics. These are all fixed in this month's updates and should ensure that the content on Windows and iPad versions is identical and correct.

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BiteFX V2 Update History

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, Mar 14, 2017 @ 17:03 PM

Below is a list of all the updates issued since we first release BiteFX V2.

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March 2017 BiteFX Update

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, Mar 14, 2017 @ 16:03 PM

Update 0056 issued on 3/14/2017 is a software-only update.

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Cultivating Trust with Deliberate, Digital and Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, Mar 07, 2017 @ 11:03 AM

How often do you hear the message that establishing trust with your patients is critical to your success - both in being permitted to deliver the best treatment and financially?

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BiteFX on iPad Upgrade to V2.3

Posted by Doug Brown on Thu, Jan 19, 2017 @ 17:01 PM

This upgrade is the long-awaited upgrade that removes the limitations of the number of animations that could be delivered in the BiteFX app on the iPad. Since version 1 of the iPad app we were limited to 72 animations, whereas the Windows version has always supported an unlimited number of animations.

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Dental and Periodontal Consequences of Osteoarthritic TMJs

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, Nov 22, 2016 @ 11:11 AM

Condylar Degeneration and Occlusal Drifting: Illustrations and Explanations


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Update Credit Card Details Yourself!

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, Oct 25, 2016 @ 12:10 PM

We've recently implemented a function in the BiteFX Members' Area that allows you to enter new credit card information yourself.

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Why BiteFX Makes Financial Sense for Occlusion-Focused Dentists!

Posted by Doug Brown on Wed, Sep 14, 2016 @ 12:09 PM

We've just published a 2-sided flyer:

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July 2016 BiteFX Update

Posted by Doug Brown on Fri, Jul 29, 2016 @ 17:07 PM

Supra Eruption With Front Tooth Wear

This animation shows how front tooth wear can lead to supra eruption of those teeth, causing the gum and bone to grow with the teeth.

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Presenting Invisalign Cases with BiteFX - Follow-up Questions and Answers

Posted by Doug Brown on Mon, Jun 06, 2016 @ 14:06 PM

In July 2015, Dr. Joe Gaudio presented "Using BiteFX to Present Invisalign for Occlusal Correction to Patients".

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